Welcome in storgosia.net

     Hello friends of dogs. Welcome to the site of STORGOSIA Kennel for all connoisseurs and friends of Rottweiler Breed.
      My name is Simeon Dimitrov from Pleven town - Bulgaria. Since I was a child I had the chance to look after dogs as my pets. That`s how I was fascinated by these loyal friends of man. I took care about several dogs, both cross-bread and pedigree. When more than ten years ago I decided to have a pet again I had already gained experience and impressions that predetermined my choice of Rottweiler breed, as their representatives are distinguished for their exceptional courage and tenacity in combination with incredible kindness, friendliness and attachment.
      I started raising Rottweilers and very quickly I was convinced in the perfection of this breed and the accuracy of my choice. My pets, originating from kennels, recognized for raise and selection of this breed, were a pleasure for my family and me not only with their lovingness and playfulness but later with their presentation at the exhibition ring.
      My membership in the National Rottweiler Club allowed me to get acquainted with enthusiastic, devoted lovers of this breed as well as with the modern tendencies in breeding. dog Gradually I became keen on taking active part in the breed development and the selection of pedigree dogs so I registered at the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) my own Rottweiler kennel.
      At the place of my native town there used to be a Roman fortress that gave the first name of the town, and now of my kennel STORGOSIA. I was inspired by the thought that maybe the ancestors of the dogs raised by me used to live in these places and used to protect and defend the fortress and its inhabitants from the enemies.
      Rottweiler dogs raised by us are pure-blooded, typical representatives of the breed, meeting the modern requirements for physical data, exterior and character - healthy, strong and energetic and at the same time tender and friendly, receptive and intelligent. All of them are subjected to X-ray investigation of the hip - HD frei and the elbow - ED frei joints, they have passed an examination for a dog companion - BH and an examination for breeding fitness – ZTP (Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung). Our dogs combine healthy type of nervous system, good performance and working qualities, peaceable nature and unlimited devotion to the family. They are distinguished for their exceptional socialization - tolerance to people, other dogs, other home pets and representatives of the fauna. dog
      We are convinced that meeting the requirements of ADRK and NRC and the breeding and raising rules, our dogs acquire these qualities that are inherited by their progeny. We believe that the puppies from STORGOSIA kennel will bring only pleasure to us, their present owners as well as to their future owners, with their devotion and attachment.
      We wish good health and luck to all who love and want to raise the marvelous Rottweiler breed!